Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Train lines of the Grand Train Tour

The ultimate train trip through Switzerland is the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. Travelers can enjoy a luxurious round trip that combines all of the well-known premium panorama lines, transporting them to the most visited sites and monuments in total luxury.

Bernina Express

This expansive train links the north and south of Europe, traveling directly via the Rhaetian Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and past glaciers before arriving at palm trees. 

Taking the Bernina Express is certainly one of the most breathtaking ways to traverse the Alps. The 65-meter-tall Landwasser Viaduct, a UNESCO World Heritage monument and the iconic building of the Rhaetian Railway, is traversed by the Bernina Express throughout its journey. The train travels from Chur to Tirano via over 196 bridges and 55 tunnels in total. Wonderful sites to behold on the voyage include the Alp Grüm, the Brusio Circular Viaduct, the three lakes Lej Pitschen, Lej Nair, and Lago Bianco, the Morteratsch glacier, and the Montebello curve with its perspective of the Bernina mountain

Information About Bernina Express 


Chur/St. Moritz – Tirano (Italy) or vice versa


144 km


4 h - 4 h 30 min

Excursion Tips

  • Arosa Railway – from Chur to Arosa within one hour. On just 26 km, the train negotiates an amazing 1000 m in altitude
  • Railway Museum Albula – over 600 exhibits from more than 100 years of railway history, e.g. one of the last «Crocodile»-Locomotives
  • Gandria – a picturesque little town at the foot of Monte Bré
  • Monte San Salvatore – one of the most beautiful scenic outposts along Lake Lugano
  • Palm Express – rich-in-contrast, roughly four-hour postbus drive from Lugano to St. Moritz

Food & Beverage

  • The Bernina Express minibar offers delicious snacks and refreshing beverages
  • The train does not feature a dining car. The guests spend their lunchtime in the Italian town of Tirano

General Information

  • Time required4 to 8 hours (full day)
  • Suitable for children with age |  0 to 5 years, 6 to 9 years, 10 to 13 years, 14+ years
  • Suitable for | Children, Families, Groups, Individual, Couples
  • Action / Fun factor | High
  • Accessible | Partially wheelchair accessible
  • Weather | Indoor

Glacier Express

Travelers may traverse the Alps in about eight hours on what has been nicknamed the world's slowest express train, which crosses over 291 bridges and 91 tunnels. The Glacier Express offers a journey for the senses – from Engadine right to the Matterhorn. On its relaxing drive from dazzling St. Moritz to equally sophisticated Zermatt, the Glacier Express delights travellers with scenic attractions and technical state-of-the-art achievements. With its overhight panoramic windows, the Glacier Express opens up unobstructed views of unique landscapes.

New: Excellence Class

Never before has a train ride through the Swiss Alps been so luxurious. The Glacier Express Excellence Class is raising the bar with features like personal tour guides, on-board entertainment, a concierge, and guaranteed window seats. The drive from St. Moritz to Zermatt is a sensory extravaganza: guests are welcomed with champagne and passed canapés as they drive past breathtaking scenery, and then they are treated to a fine five-course dinner paired with wine.

The Glacier Express now provides one of Switzerland's most upscale rolling tourist attractions with this new service.

Information About Glacier Express


Zermatt – St. Moritz or vice versa


291 km


8 h 03 min

Excursion Tips

  • Matterhorn glacier paradise – a view of French, Italian and Swiss mountain giants from a vantage point of almost 4000 m
  • Gornergrat – a view onto the Matterhorn and 28 other four-thousand-meter-peaks from a vantage point of 3131 m
  • Rhine Gorge – Exploring the «Grand Canyon» of Switzerland between Ilanz and Reichenau on foot, by bike or by rafting boat
  • Lake Sils – at 1800 m, Europe’s highest altitude regular scheduled passenger boat service
  • Corvatsch – the eastern Alpine region’s highest altitude summit station at 3303 m. A paradise for skiers and hikers

Food & Beverages

  • Food served at passenger’s seat
  • Dish of the day CHF 30 or 3 course menu CHF 43 (09 Dec 2018 – 01 March 2019)
  • Dish of the day CHF 32 or 3 course menu CHF 45 (02 March – 13 Oct 2019)
  • Catering is available on the panorama trains and can be booked together with seat reservation

GoldenPass Panoramic

Switzerland's most well-known feature is its four linguistic and cultural regions. The GoldenPass Panoramic train connects French- and German-speaking Switzerland, allowing travelers to witness the gradual transition between two distinct cultures.

From Zweisimmen, the panorama trains head in the direction of Montreux. One stunning scene leads to another, as though the passing terrain had been created just for the expansive tour: cows grazing in verdant meadows, classic wooden chalets, and the towering Alps peaks in the distance. However, the best is reserved for last. You get a great glimpse of Lake Geneva sparkling just before you get to Montreux. You will begin to sense the Mediterranean flair of the Lake Geneva region as the train slowly meanders down the slope. A portion of the former GoldenPass Line that is included in the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland is traversed by the GoldenPass Panoramic and the GoldenPass Belle Epoque.

Information About GoldenPass Panoramic


Zweisimmen to Montreux or vice versa


2 hrs 8 mins

Facilities available on the train

GoldenPass Panoramic

  • Panorama carriages in both 1st and 2nd class
  • All trains have low-floor entrances and wheelchair-accessible toilets. It is not possible to reserve a wheelchair space in advance. Trips must be registered via the SBB Rail Centre in Brig.
  • Certain trains have cars with front-view VIP seats, although these can no longer be reserved in advance. A fee can be paid to staff on the train on the day of travel if such a carriage is available on the train used.

GoldenPass Belle Epoque

  • Belle Epoque coaches in 1st and 2nd class
  • Wooden chalet coach in 2nd class
  • Low-floor access for travellers with reduced mobility only available in the standard passenger coaches in 2nd class. The Belle Epoque and the wooden chalet coaches are not wheelchair-accessible.

Food & drink

For individual travelers, there isn't currently any on-board service available. Meals can be served at your seat for groups of ten or more individuals with advance reservation.

Tips for excursions in Montreux and the surrounding area

  • Chocolate Train
  • Chillon Castle
  • Rochers-de-Naye (2,042m a.s.l.)

Gotthard Panorama Express

An amazing historical experience brought to life: The path takes one to Lucerne via the historic Gotthard panorama road, starting in Ticino. Greetings from the real Switzerland!

The trip begins in Lugano or Bellinzona and travels northward over the Alps from the Mediterranean south through the center of Switzerland, passing through the Gotthard tunnel constructed in 1882. Along the way, the Wassen church is seen from three distinct viewpoints; it has gained international recognition as a result of the inventive railway design that features numerous loop tunnels.

Passengers effortlessly continue across Lake Lucerne in a riverboat to Flüelen. Numerous historically significant sites, such the Rütliwiese, the Schillerstein, and the Tell Chapel, welcome visitors with their authentic Swiss charm. The travelers are greeted in the evening at Lucerne Harbour, which is situated just next to the well-known Chapel Bridge. Additionally, it is quite easy to travel the other way on this voyage.

Aside from the numerous vistas, guests on this historic voyage through time receive unique presentations about the history, mythology, and stories surrounding Gotthard. Not to mention, the food component won't be overlooked: Visitors can savor hot meals on the steamboat or munch on snacks and drinks while riding the train.

Information About Gotthard Panorama Express


Lugano/Bellinzona to Flüelen by train. Flüelen to Lucerne by steamboat or modern motor vessel “Diamant”. The journey can also be travelled in the opposite direction.


182 km


approx. 5 h 30 min

Excursion Tips

  • Castles of Bellinzona – UNESCO World Heritage site
  • San Salvatore – local mountain und “Sugarloaf” of Lugano
  • Lake Lugano Cruises
  • Pilatus – Lucerne’s legendary local mountain
  • Rigi – the queen of the mountains

Food & Beverage

  • Aboard the boat, delicious meals as well as snacks and beverages are available
  • On the panoramic train, snacks and beverages can be purchased as well and service at the passenger’s seat is available
  • Souvenirs can be obtained on the boat as well as the panoramic train

Luzern–Interlaken Express 

Interlaken and Lucerne. Two of the most visited places in Switzerland. But what's the greatest way to travel between cities? Easy and convenient: the cozy Luzern-Interlaken Express.

Traveling from one city to another is made into an amazing experience with the Luzern–Interlaken Express. Travelers marvel at five glistening mountain lakes that collect water from several rivers and waterfalls during the two-hour train ride. The neighboring mountains' sheer rock cliffs, which surge up protectively at the lakeside, make for striking photographic subjects.

The train switches to a cogwheel drivetrain shortly before beginning its steep and twisting climb to the Brünig Pass, which allows it to overcome the gradient. Part of the picturesque GoldenPass Line that leads from Luzern to Interlaken and ultimately to Montreux, the Luzern–Interlaken Express makes sense.

Information About Luzern–Interlaken Express 


Luzern – Interlaken or vice versa


98 km


1 h 50 min

Excursion Tips

Luzern and surrounding area 

  • Rigi (1,797 m a.s.l.)
  • Stanserhorn (1,851 m a.s.l.)

Interlaken and surrounding area

  • Schilthorn (2,970 m a.s.l.)
  • Ballenberg open-air museum

Food & Beverage

  • Bistro from Luzern
  • Bistro from Interlaken

General Information

Time required1-2 hours

Suitable for | Children, Families, Groups, Individual, Couples

Thurbo Seelinie (lake line)

A distinctive lake and river environment is crossed by the railway line that connects Schaffhausen, Stein am Rhein, and St. Gallen. "Thurbo" trains run every 30 minutes, so you can get on and off wherever you like.

The "Thurbo" takes you through the Cantons of St. Gallen, Thurgau, and Schaffhausen as it sails around Lake Constance and the Rhine. Visitors are welcome to take exploratory trips of the numerous charming ancient old towns and villages along the route. Do you have a fascination with culture? Take a tour of one of the many museums located along the "lake line." People who value life's little pleasures sit down at a cozy restaurant and enjoy the cuisine of the area.

During this trip, tranquility, quietness, and leisure are very vital. The next train is seldom more than thirty minutes distant from where the guests got off, so they're not in a rush. f or everyone, the lake line is a pleasure for the senses. Insider tip: Select the side of the train where the windows face the lake and river to get the finest view of the surroundings from your seat!

Information About Thurbo Seelinie (lake line)


St. Gallen – Stein am Rhein – Schaffhausen and vice-versa


86 km


1 h 52 min

Excursion Tips

  • Historic old towns of Schaffhausen, Diessenhofen, Stein am Rhein, Steckborn, Berlingen, Ermatingen, Gottlieben, Arbon and Rorschach.
  • Diverse offer of museums, e.g. Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen, Napoleon Museum in Salenstein, Museum of History and Oldtimer Museum in Arbon.
  • Historic town of St. Gallen with the Abbey Library (part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site) with more than 170,000 books and scripts.
  • Part of the lake line can be travelled on a lake boat in both directions – e.g. between Stein am Rhein and Schaffhause

Food & Beverages

There is no catering on the train.

Treno Gottardo

The 120-year-old Gotthard panorama line is crossed hourly by the Treno Gottardo to reach the sunny region of Switzerland. Together with plenty of Mediterranean flare, complete with palm trees and majestic homes, the panoramic trip promises breathtaking views of deep blue lakes and steep mountain faces.

You can discover bustling cities, historic structures, a wide range of natural settings, and recreational opportunities on the Treno Gottardo. Switzerland's diversity in a single train ride! The new train departs hourly from Zurich, Basel, and Lucerne and arrives in Locarno with a café area and family space. The most comfortable way to reach Locarno in the sun-kissed region of Switzerland is to take the ancient Gotthard Panorama Route, which winds past lakes and mountains. Greetings!

Information About Treno Gottardo


Zürich/Basel/Luzern – Bellinzona – Locarno


Zürich – Locarno: 3 h 19 min
Basel – Locarno: 4 h 21 min
Luzern – Locarno: 3 h 6 min

Excursion Tips

  • Lucerne with its numerous sights such as the chapel bridge or the lion's monument
  • Lake Lucerne with its impressive fleet of steamboats
  • Altdorf, main town of the canton of Uri, with the world famous Tell monument
  • Gotthard Panorama Route opened in 1882. During the journey, visitors can see the Wassen Church from three distinct perspectives.
  • The Leventina with its breathtaking environs, including the cableway that leads to Lake Tremorgio and the steep funicular railway that leads to Lake Ritom and the Strada Alta
  • The castles of Bellinzona, part of UNESCO World Heritage since the year 2000
  • Locarno with its bustling Piazza Grande, Lake Maggiore and the famous pilgrimage church Madonna del Sasso

Food % Beverage

Two bistro zones with snack and beverage vending machines as well as a coffee maker on every Treno Gottardo

General information

  • Time required2 to 4 hours (half day)
  • Suitable for children with age | 0 to 5 years, 6 to 9 years, 10 to 13 years, 14+ years 
  • Suitable for | Families, Groups, Individual, Couples

Vigezzina - Centovalli Railway

It should come as no surprise that the Vigezzina - Centovalli Railway, which runs from Locarno to Domodossola, crosses 83 magnificent bridges and viaducts. The "hundred valleys" were pristine before this expansive path was constructed. A journey along the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway is an adventure in and of itself, whether it be in the spring, crossing roaring waterfalls, or during a brilliant Indian summer.

The Vigezzina - Centovalli Railway transcends national boundaries both literally and metaphorically. From Switzerland's Locarno to Italy's Domodossola. The railroad tracks that connect Gotthard and Simplon can be reached most directly by this path. The narrow-gauge railway also travels through wild chestnut trees and slopes covered with vines, starting from the shores of Lago Maggiore.

There is a lot to see and take in along this roughly 50-kilometer path that passes through the Valle Vigezzo and the Centovalli. Along the Melezza river, several isolated side valleys become accessible. They were created over millions of years along the tectonic plate boundary between the African and European continents, and are thickly forested with rocky cliffs scattered throughout.

Information About Vigezzina - Centovalli Railway


 Locarno – Domodossola (Italy) and vice versa


52 km


 2 h

Excursion Tips

  • Intragna – the largest municipality in Centovalli – impresses with its 80-metre-high railway viaduct and Ticino’s highest church tower.
  • Domodossola – a charming old town with various churches and a lively Saturday market – is the perfect place to relax a while.

Foods and Beverages

No catering services.

General Information

  • Time required4 to 8 hours (full day)
  • Suitable for children with age0 to 5 years, 6 to 9 years, 10 to 13 years, 14+ years
  • WeatherIndoor and outdoor
  • CategoryNature, Relax


Switzerland has a softer aspect to it than only steep mountains and valleys rising to 4,000 meters. Travelers experience a distinct side of Switzerland on the Voralpen-Express, with its rolling hills, quaint towns, and gorgeous orchards.

The most convenient route between Eastern and Central Switzerland is the Voralpen-Express. Beginning in the capital of Eastern Switzerland, St. Gallen, whose Abbey area is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the train travels through the undulating "Toggenburg" scenery and the 99-meter-tall Sitter Viaduct. Arriving in old Lucerne on the banks of Lake Lucerne, the journey finishes after a little over two hours, passing through Rapperswil and the impressive upland moor near Rothenthurm.

Information About Voralpen - Express


St. Gallen – Wattwil – Rapperswil – Arth Goldau – Luzern


125 km


 2 h 15 min

Excursion Tips

St. Gallen and surrounding area

  • Abbey district and Abbey library
  • Säntis – one of the most breathtaking panoramas of Switzerland at 2505 m a.s.l.
  • Appenzell region – tradition is important between Bodensee and Säntis

Rapperswil and surrounding area

  • Rapperswil castle
  • Lake Zurich Navigation – 2 steamboats and 12 motor boats regularly navigate Lake Zurich


  • Lion’s Monument – in memorial of Swiss citizens who died in 1792 during the French Revolution
  • Lake Lucerne boat tours
  • Landscape and Animal Park Goldau – refuge for stags, wolves, lynxes and other wild animals

Food & Beverage

Each Voralpen-Express train has a bistro coach with catering services.

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