Christmas Markets

Destinations for Christmas Markets 

Budapest, Hungary 

The Vörösmarty Square Christmas Market, regarded as one of the best in Europe, is adorned with nativity sets, handicrafts, and a massive fir tree. As you stroll around the vendors and savor warm Hungarian honey cookies, the aroma of cinnamon wafts from scalding wine cups. It's a sensory feast.

Prague, Czech Republic 

Even during off-peak hours, a large number of people frequent this Christmas market in Prague, making it the busiest and most well-known. Nevertheless, despite the massive crowds, it's still worth a visit as this is by far Prague's most exquisite Christmas market.

Krakow, Poland

Warsaw and Kraków are two of Poland's most visited tourist spots. But there won't be throngs or overcrowding. On the other hand, December does bring with it the majority of the Christmas celebrations and the city's main draw, the Christmas Market.

Edinburgh, England

With festive entertainment for the whole family, including traditional Christmas Markets, funfair rides, amazing live outdoor events, delectable food and drink, and much more, Edinburgh's Christmas transforms the lovely city center.

London, England

One of the most festive shopping experiences in London is visiting the Christmas markets, which come to life at this time of year with sparkling lights, handcrafted treats, and a generous helping of festive spirit.

Vienna, Austria 

Vienna's Christmas markets are usually elegant events. Wood, straw, glass, ceramics, fabric, and enough food and drink to feed a blue whale predominate; plastic is scarce. The markets are great places to shop, but they're worth going even for the ambience alone.

Basel, Switzerland 

One of the most beautiful and spacious Christmas markets in Switzerland is the one in Basel, which is located between the Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz. There will be a distinct aroma of mulled wine as we commemorate the customary Basler Weihnacht at the well-liked Adväntsgass im Glaibasel and the Basel Christmas market, which was named Best Christmas Market in Europe in 2021.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has some of the greatest and biggest Christmas markets in all of Denmark. Tivoli is the one you must see if you can only visit one. Although Tivoli is enchanting all year round, a trip there right before Christmas is especially memorable.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg's Christmas market is well worth visiting. It will quickly put you in the holiday mood because it is the birthplace of Christmas, and there are 13 markets to explore, so you won't get bored. Strasbourg boasts a 30-meter Christmas Tree with more than 7km of lights, and the city is lovely and easy to navigate on foot.

Alberobello, Italy 

Even in the winter, one of Puglia's top tourist destinations is Alberobello. Due to its location in Puglia's countryside, lights, ornaments, and the Nativity add to its splendor throughout the holiday season.

Colmar, France

The town decorates to the nines for Christmas, and a visit to its market is highly recommended. The center of Colmar offers a wide variety of lodging choices. The five-star boutique hotel La Maison des Tetes is housed in a venerable early 17th-century structure.

Bratislava, Slovakia 

The sight of the mountains completely blanketed in snow is breathtaking. The majority of the rivers and lakes are frozen. The streets and highways are completely covered in snow. For those who are passionate about snow, winter is the ideal season to visit Bratislava.

Berlin, Germany 

There are so many distinct Christmas markets in Berlin that you're bound to discover your favorite, whether it's nostalgic or action-packed. Select from Christmas markets featuring carnivals and attractions, marketplaces with gorgeous backdrops, or markets with a Scandinavian or Japanese theme.

Cologne, Germany

Being Germany's fourth-largest city, Cologne boasts a diverse range of Christmas markets. The most well-known and well-liked is in front of the well-known Cologne Cathedral; about 4 million people are expected to visit the 150 stands on the Roncalliplatz annually, according to the organizers.

Munich, Germany 

An amazing encounter. It was hard to locate a ride with just a visa, so make sure you had euros for the taxi cost. A must-visit is Munich's Christmas market! A wide variety of vendors selling food, beverages, decorations, handcrafted goods, and other items.

Brussels, Belgium 

The Christmas Market in Brussels is a true winter wonderland. Every year, this quaint market in the Place Saint Catherine provides a window into the past with more than 200 classic wooden chalets brimming with holiday-appropriate finds and presents from the area

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

This annual Amsterdam Christmas market takes place in the Museum Quarter and has more than fifty local and foreign vendors offering food, drink, and presents. Thousands of people visit the ice skating rink every year, which is housed within the enormous basin of the Museumplein fountain.

Zagreb, Croatia 

Zagreb transforms into an authentic winter paradise. From 2016 to 2018, the capital of Croatia was named the greatest Christmas market in Europe three times in a row. Zagreb is a destination worth visiting year-round, but especially during the holidays when it really comes alive.

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