Why visit Porto?

Northwest Portuguese seaside city Porto is well-known for its elegant bridges and port wine manufacturing. The narrow cobblestone streets of the medieval Ribeira (riverside) neighborhood meander past the homes and cafes of merchants. The São Francisco Church is renowned for its elaborate gilded carvings and opulent baroque interior. Constructed as a stock market in the 19th century, the magnificent Palácio de Bolsa was designed to astonish prospective European investors.

Things Polari Travel recommend to do while in Porto 

  • Cais da Ribeira

  •  Serralves Museum & Villa

  • Luís I Bridge

  • Church of São Francisco


  • Palácio da Bolsa

  • Praça da Liberdade

  • Casa da Música


  • Foz do Douro


  • Porto Cathedral


  • Church of Santa Clara

+ many more

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